Exploring Itasca State Park

One of the last days of June (luckily before July 1st when it was closed as part of the state shut-down), my friend and I spent a lovely day exploring the sights of Itasca State Park. In the morning we hiked the Dr. Robert’s Trail. This is  a 2 mile trail that wouldn’t have taken most people all morning, but we lollygagged-taking photos of flowers, bugs, leaves, mushrooms, dragon flies, a toad, etc. After a delicious lunch at the park’s Douglas Lodge, we checked out preacher’s grove, an impressive stand of old pines that puts one in a meditative state by just being there. Then it was on to the Mississippi Headwaters to watch a steady line of people trying to walk across the Mississippi on the rocks (didn’t see anybody fall in this time.) We ended the day by taking the Wilderness Drive, which winds past a 2000 acre wilderness sanctuary. Check out my favorite nature discoveries of the day below. Also check out my friend’s video of our adventures together this summer, including the day at Itasca State Park. Find the link under LynnColorado Videos in the side column. I have also added links to a few other select blogs  as well as a new feature area, My Favorite Gardens.

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~ by Pinetree Photo Nature Discovery on July 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Exploring Itasca State Park”

  1. Feel like I’ve been there : ) My fav is the butterfly.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Carol! I am so happy for you, having all this big fun!

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