About Me and This Blog

Information about me and the blogYou may also want to check out my photography website at www.pinetreephotoart.com.


7 Responses to “About Me and This Blog”

  1. Carol, the tree buds at the top of your website are just stunning! The clarity is extraordinary.

  2. Carol…this is Kathryn from Etsy. Your blog is wonderful!!! I wish we lived closer so we could get out and explore nature together! Best wishes…

  3. Carol: I truly enjoyed viewing your site with the wonderful shots as well as learning more about who you are and what you are doing. I envy you in that you have such a neat site and are using it. I would love to do the same but do not have the expertise to set it up myself and just haven’t found the right opportunity to have someone else help me. Thanks so much for sharing. Mary Hirman

  4. Thanks for the inspiration for my first blog post.

  5. I tried to look up rue today. Is it a type of anemone? The ones my photos I think are wood anemone. What colors does it come in?

  6. Carol,
    I love your blog…the photos, your thoughts. I especially like the blue hepatica, one of my favorite northern flowers. Soon rue will be out as well, another similarly petalled flower, but like the mayflowers, a totally different leaf structure.
    Enjoy those woods! Be my eyes there.

  7. Carol…am so very proud of you! Wow! What a beautiful place to rest my eyes and my mind. Thanks so much for the photo of the mayflowers…I do miss them. Did you get to smell their sweet breath?
    I appreciate the links to other resources ..how thoughtful of you.

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