Kadunce River Hiking Trail

About 10 miles north of Grand Marais the Kadunce River flows into Lake Superior. The Kadunce River Hiking Trail runs through the woods next to the river and ties into the Superior Hiking Trail. On June 6th I hiked the .9 mile trail to the Kadunce Bridge on the lookout for spring wildflowers. I was not disappointed.

Kadunce River


Sign at trail entrance.

A perfect donut of foam was formed by the swirling water. The river rock is reddish giving the water an orange hue.

Circular foam in water


Bunchberries were out in force all along the trail.

Many blooming bunchberries


3 bunchberry blooms


Not only bunchberries, but many blueberries were next to the trail as well. Wish I could be here when they ripen.

Pink flowers on blueberry plant.


While the trail initially runs next to the river, it soon leaves the water’s edge as it climbs the hill beside the river, and the river runs in the gorge below.

Path through trees

I found two more of my favorite spring flowers as well, the starflower and clintonia or blue-bead lily.

white flower shaped like a star


Yellow wildflower


The prize of the trip was a beautiful pink flower next to the bridge. It was not one that I recognized nor could I find it in any of my guidebooks. So, I got some help from Sparky (The PhotoNaturalist) and found out it is purple clematis. I have clematis vines in my garden, but didn’t realize there was a wild version. I now see the vines of the plant – a definite clue in the identification.

Unidentified pink flowering plant


unidentified pink wildflower blossum

I love this time of year in the northwoods!


~ by Pinetree Photo Nature Discovery on June 9, 2014.

5 Responses to “Kadunce River Hiking Trail”

  1. looks like great hiking.

  2. Carol, this really looks like an inviting place. Great photography, especially so the macros.

  3. Thanks, Carol. What a wonderful gift you give to the world. I am truly grateful to be a recipient of it. Kathleen

  4. You are at it again….taking stunning pix of woodland beauties.

  5. I always enjoy your flower walks , Carol. Gentian family comes to mind for the pink one , but I’m not a good source.

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