Damselflies:What’s Happening Here?!?

These guys showed up in my camera lens when I was out kayaking early one morning on Long Lake (one of the many) in an area I call the Back Bay. They were perched on a limb emerging from an underwater log. So what’s happening here? Are they trying to resuscitate their buddy? Are they eating one of their own? What’s the deal with the green wing on the one?  My field guide (Damselflies of the North Woods-see reference list) indicates that damselflies start out as larvae and burst forth from their larval exoskeleton “in one grand moment of emancipation”. Could the “body” stretched out on the log be an exoskeleton? I really have no idea. If there’s someone out there with some knowledge on this, please share. I am really curious.

Two damselflies appear to be eating a third damselfly.

Are these damselflies eating one of their own?


~ by Pinetree Photo Nature Discovery on June 27, 2011.

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