All That Are Purple Are Not Violets or Where’s Violet Man?

Walking to the mailbox one day, I noticed a carpet of purple along side our driveway. Assuming they were violets, I stopped to pick one, and decided to try find “Violet Man”. Violet man is a vague memory from my childhood. To find violet man, you pull off all the petals except one. When you do so, violet man  is revealed. Well, I pulled off the petals, and no violet man. Below is the flower I had picked and later determined was a ground ivy.

purple wildflower

The next photo shows the violet flower and leaves, actually quite different when you view them separately.

violet flowers and leaves

Now, look at the following photo. See how it gets a bit more confusing when both ground ivy and violets are present among a lot of other assorted greenery.

violet and ground ivy wildflowers

violet with petals removed revealing man reading a bookI did eventually find violet man. He is having a wild hair day, but calmly reading a book.


~ by Pinetree Photo Nature Discovery on June 13, 2011.

One Response to “All That Are Purple Are Not Violets or Where’s Violet Man?”

  1. Wonder what he’s reading.

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