May Flowers: How Do You Tell a Hepatica from a Wood Anemone?

May flowers are out in abundance, but how do you tell one from another? My friend in Florida asked me to send her some pictures of May Flowers. What most people think of as May Flowers are hepatica.  I had no problems finding beautiful blue ones right in my backyard.

Blue wildflowers, hepatica

Then I noticed lots of similar looking white flowers around.

White Wildflower comparison of hepatica and wood anemone

First I assumed all were hepatica.  Looking closely, I noticed there were differences in the leaves and stems.

Comparison of the leaves and stems of heptatica and wood anemone

They are both beautiful and won’t be around for long. My friend suggests you put a few to dry in your favorite poetry book.  Then at some later date, when the book is pulled out to read, someone will have a very pleasant surprise.

Single white wildflower, wood anemone


~ by Pinetree Photo Nature Discovery on May 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “May Flowers: How Do You Tell a Hepatica from a Wood Anemone?”

  1. This is what I figured out. If you look at the flower above which is an anemone, the stamen are bunched together. Is you look at the blue hepatica, the stamen are quite spread out.

  2. How do you tell with no leaves present.
    The blue is incredible.

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